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SNS World Business Solutions

SNS offers a variety of products and services which 
range from POS software solutions to credit card 


Merchant Products include the newest technologies that fit many types of niche industries, examples of businesses seeking our products are, but not limited to: the hospitality industry, casinos, nightclubs, restaurants, retail , salons, healthcare, professional offices, manufacturing, commercial, eCommerce and much more.

Merchant Services offered by SNS includes a VAR referral program for the merchant. The merchant can now share the profit of the annual credit card margin for his business as well as referrals that result in the business being .

Service & Support focuses on a new no nonsense approach to supporting products; promoting easy training with accessible material. As a result of both divisions of provide greater efficiency for both the merchant and the supplier, ultimately resulting in greater profit and more success.

Merchant Solutions
Point Of Sale
Green IT
Environmental control
Paperless office

Merchant Services
Credit Card Payment Solutions Working Capitol Advances
Mobile Payments
Gift And Loyalty

Service & Support
Web Services
24x7 software support 
Interactive training

Interactive mapping