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  • Customer Rewards
  • Email/Text Marketing
  • Merchant Services
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Check Guarantee

Drill Down Customer Data
Our reporting dashboard shows high value information on each customer. At a quick glance, you will see the following:
Average Number of Visits Per Month
Days Since last Visit
Total Number of Visits
Average Ticket
Total Spend
Annual Client Value

Segmented Reporting
You decide which parameters you would like to filter and the values for each. Do you want to know all the customers that have been in at least 5 times but you haven’t seen them for over 30 days. Enter the data, and select “Run Report”. It’s that easy. You can run an unlimited number of filtered reports.

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Email and Text Marketing
On Demand Email:
Send email directly from your loyalty program’s back office. Choose any customer or send to a targeted group. You can even track the results once your message has been sent.

Trigger Email
Automate your marketing with trigger email functionality. This allows you to create an email message and set parameters which trigger when that message will be delivered. Triggers can be built around birthdays and anniversaries, but can also be set by behavioral patterns like time of the day your guests visit or days since last visit.

Intuitive Email Editor
Our proprietary email editor is designed to allow any one to build high quality graphic emails messages but also has all the tools for the professionals too.- See more at: http://www.bluestarloyalty.com/index.php/email-and-text-marketing#sthash.mMLzDiQx.dpuf

Enrollment Process

Train your staff to use branded marketing materials to enroll every customer into your rewards program. Customers can enroll by filling out the enrollment form or registering directly through your website.

Earning Rewards
Each time a customer visits your business, they will earn 1 point for every $1 spent by presenting their card or phone number. You set the reward threshold to determine when they earn a reward. We recommend rewards equal to 5-15% of the value spent depending on your product margins.

Redeeming Rewards
Redemption is automatic. Each time your customer earns enough points to cross a rewards threshold, the points are automatically deducted from their rewards account and the cash value of the reward is added. Your customer can choose to redeem that value on the next visit or save the reward for a later time.- See more at: 

customer loyalty rewards
Sean Hanrahan,
Jun 13, 2013, 9:44 PM