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Mercury Mobile Loyalty

Turn On MercuryLoyalty

With MercuryLoyalty, you get something
you won’t find anywhere else — a seamless, 
all-in-one loyalty solution that’s already 
embedded in Mercury’s integrated payment 
technology and the MercuryGift™ gift card program. 
The moment we activate it, you’ll be able to enroll new 
customers, target the right customers with the right 
incentives, validate coupon codes and much more. Turn on 
MercuryLoyalty today, and watch customers rush in and 
business take off. It’s that simple.



Social & Mobile 
MercuryLoyalty's unique differentiating factors allows it to function like a Customer Relationship Management system, helping you identify and understand your customers.

MPS Loyalty


How It Works
MercuryLoyalty is the incomparable solution to grow your business and keep your best customers coming back. Leveraging the consumer's mobile phone, MercuryLoyalty provides a.

Features & Benefits
MercuryLoyalty delivers automated, measurable ROI for your business, generating industry-leading consumer participation rates. It's a smart way to get the most of your POS...
Sean Hanrahan,
Jun 21, 2013, 12:28 AM