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Talon DVR

Talon DVR is a digital video security that can be integrated with your point of sale system with advanced search capability and remote monitoring.

With operating costs increasing, the Talon DVR system is an investment in saving money by stopping the most common types of shrink. The system can help you detect and resolve problems quickly, giving you a higher chance of recovery. This saves you money that goes directly to the bottom line. Many types of shrink are difficult to detect by nature. 



Many owners that install the Talon DVR system don’t know that they have an on-going problem. Studies have shown that employee theft is a larger source of shrink than any other area. The Talon DVR system strengthens the audit trail that is put in place by your POS system making it more difficult to by-pass.

Video can ensure employee compliance to company policies.

Talon DVR

  • Video security helps to reduce shrink associated with theft
  • Combined with POS data, video security provides an excellent audit trail 
  • Surveys have shown that video security is the number one deterrent of theft 
  • Video security is effective against accident fraud 
  • Better than a bad check file, video can capture evidence of check fraud, credit card fraud and returns fraud 
  • Remote monitoring can help verify building alarms and prevent false alarm fees from the police department
  • Video provides an excellent investigative tool when trying to determine the source of a short drawer to bank
  • Remote monitoring allows business owners to view live or recorded video from any web browser or smartphone
  • Critical event notifications can send and e-mail with image 


  • Remote Monitoring from PDA or SmartPhone
  • Critical Event Notification
  • Integrates with POS Systems and Cash Registers (Text Insertion)
  • Search of Integrated POS/ECR Data
  • Direct Web Support, View Live & Recorded Video from Internet Explorer
  • High-Resolution MPEG4 Video Recording
  • Central Monitoring and Management of Multiple Talon Servers at one location
Sean Hanrahan,
Sep 2, 2013, 10:49 AM